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When I first joined DYP, I couldn’t invert. After being part of the program for about six months, I can now invert AND shoulder mount, and I’ve successfully (and safely!) gotten in my inside knee hang, superman, extended butterfly, true grip Ayesha, elbow grip Ayesha, brass monkey, and twisted ballerina! Importantly, Steph doesn’t just teach tricks; she teaches STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY. I never would have achieved any of these shapes without consistently completing the DYP strength cycles and incorporating shoulder, back, and leg flexibility work into my regular practice. Steph provides you with truly everything you need to be successful on the pole; Not just the glamorous parts, but the nitty-gritty, safety, day-in-day-out parts too.

Katie Strelau

Katie Strelau

Who is your coach?

Stephanie is an Xpert Certified Pole Instructor. She's competed in PSO competitions at the professional level and was a member of Team USA at the POSA Pole Sport World Championships. Stephanie is the owner of Design Your Practice, an online pole and flexibility program. She places a strong emphasis on proper technique, body awareness, and active flexibility. Her goal is for her students to feel good during AND after training. She is eager to teach and share her knowledge and passion with you!!

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